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What is thinning carrots?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Carrots don't like competition. That is simply why you need to thin carrots. They don't like to compete with other carrots or with weeds. Therefore although it can be a tedious gardening task it is necessary for a good harvest.

We have planted our carrots in raised planter beds as you can see in the video below to help with weed control. But this doesn't help with the bunches that carrots grow in. Carrots tend to grow in bunches because of how tiny the seeds are and the fact that it is hard to plant just one or two at a time.


In order to get your carrots to grow to full maturity, you need to thin them when they reach about 1-2 inches tall.

You will be able to see which plants are starting to look strong and healthy.


Start by knowing your carrot type. And how far apart they need to be in order to grow to full size. Depending on the variety it maybe 1-2 inches apart.

You want to choose the strongest looking plants. This doesn't mean they are the tallest, it could be the thickness of the stem and the health of the leaves.

There are two ways to thin your carrots plants.

  1. Using a small pair of shape snips that are cleaned simply snip them at the base.

  2. Pulling out the unwanted seedlings from the ground by carefully grabbing it at the base of the green and pulling gently.

Before you start! Be sure to heavily water so that the seedlings are easier to pu