Heirloom Herb Arugula seed 

Strong tasting, spinach-like greens with delicious nut-like flavour that are quite popular in salads or cooked like spinach. We recommend picking young shoots when 5-15 cm (2-6″) long for the best fresh salad flavour while the older foliage makes an interesting steamed vegetable. Generally, the first shoots can be harvested from plants about 30 days after germination. If you only remove younger shoots from main stem, plants will continue to offer foliage until blooming. It is interesting to note that plants vary in leaf shape and earliness of flowering and as with many greens, a cool-season is best for this plant. Plants can mature to 90 cm (3′) tall. Arugula is also known as Roquette or Rocket salad.



Spring/summer/fall harvest
Frost hardy


How to Grow

Plant in spring (or late summer for a fall crop) directly into the garden in well-worked soil in full sun, or a spot that receives partial afternoon shade. Sow 1 inch apart and barely cover. Keep the seed bed evenly moist until seedlings emerge in 10 to 12 days. Begin harvesting individual young leaves in 4 to 5 weeks. In hot summer areas, wait to sow again in late summer for fall use, as extreme heat makes leaves extra pungent.